Founded in 2001, Singletree is a company dedicated to streamlining the design, merchandising, and product development processes in the apparel industry. Singletree builds and implements technical solutions that enable you and your associates to work smarter and more efficiently. Our primary mission is to develop great applications for great companies. This development is supplemented with consulting projects, which keep Singletree aware of our customer's business process and unique requirements.

Our applications are created with usability and flexibility in mind. We know that an application needs to adapt to each client's business. We also know that no matter how well the application fits the business, if it doesn't allow the end-user to work in an efficient and time-saving manner, then we have not hit the mark.

Management Team

Partner Companies

Gerber Technology is a technology leader in the sewn goods industry. They continue to meet the needs of their customers around the globe with innovative new products. Gerber Technology resells some of Singletree's products. Singletree is also a prime integrator or Gerber Technologies WebPDM.

3i Infotech is a global technology company that provides solutions to a variety of industries and clients. They focus on both software products and services. Singletree Technologies resells and implements 3i Infotech's fashion products.

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