Retrieve live master data from PLM or ERP systems

Support for iterative approval processes Spreadsheet features Flexible calculations
and roll-ups
search capability

Our newest software product  that can replace your many spreadsheets or standalone databases. IntellimasTM is used as an extension to your core systems
(e.g. ERP, PLM, CRM). Its Advanced Entity Engine easily retrieves your core
system master data and then allows you or your partners to attach additional client defined data to each record. 

Its spreadsheet-like view is very familiar to users which makes the transition to this tool seamless.  Data entered into this application is stored in a strategic database which means you can create management reports against it, easily share it, and securely back it up.  

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Some examples of how you can
use IntellimasTM :
PO and WIP tracking
Vendor compliance audits
Vendor certification tracking
Product testing logs
Employee tracking
Customer visit tracking
Store visit tracking
Product costing
Issue tracking
Capacity planning
Materials requirements planning
Production planning
Sample tracking

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