WebPDM Remote Help Desk Service

By leveraging our technical and application expertise, Singletree Technologies can set up a remote WebPDM help desk via secure access to your WebPDM server in order to provide administration services. In addition, using web meeting tools, we can access the user's desktop and help them troubleshoot issues or assist them with a specific function of the system. These services include user administration and permissions, data table set up and maintenance, print group administration, off site training and user hand holding.

WebPDM Data Integration

Singletree has developed a framework which provides for comprehensive and efficient integration with WebPDM. It allows you to exchange data with any of your existing ODBC compliant systems. Singletree has led many of these projects for clients with a variety of requirements.

WebPDM Integration Services

Singletree provides many services that ensure a smooth and comprehensive implementation of WebPDM.

PLM Consulting Services

PLM projects require a thorough understanding of the business processes. Singletree has several resources that have worked in the apparel business. Whether you are implementing a large scale PLM product or just trying to squeeze as much from your existing applications as possible to enable PLM processes, Singletree can help.

Custom Applications

Need an application developed for Apparel Product Development that is not available in the marketplace? Take advantage of Singletree's experience and skills to develop an application on-time and within budget. We use engineered processes that result in quicker development, fewer bugs, and solutions that meet your expectations. Singletree has developed stand-alone applications, WebPDM bolt-ons, and browser applications that help you better integrate your product development processes into the rest of your enterprise.

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