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Singletree’s Intellimas® application gives users greater bandwidth with automatic data updates, two way collaboration and real time visibility. Intellimas® replicates and replaces your existing spreadsheets with sofware that looks and feels like a spreadsheet with the added capabilities of:

  • Retrieving Master Data in Real Time from Your Enterprise Systems
  • Facilitating Vendor Collaboration
  • Easy Search and Discovery
  • Altering You to Data Changes, Failed Tests and Scheduled Activities
  • One Version of the Truth
  • Seamless Deployment
  • Easily Configured Security
  • Agile for End Users
  • Custom Logic
  • Use Cases
  • Success Stories

Intellimas® uses your existing infrastructure and comes with comprehensive UI for entity creation to quickly and easily deploy. What this means for IT:

  • Little to No Hardware Costs for Implementation
  • No Need for Direct Server Access to Configure Intellimas®
  • ERP, SCM & PLM Agnostic for Seamless User Authentication with Existing User Security



With dynamic row and column based security, Intellimas® allows for easy permission configuration and user role administration. This allows IT to determine who can see and update specific information in order to protects confidential or internal data. You have complete control so that users only see what you want them to see.




Intellimas® uses a data grid to facilitate fast and easy data entry, allowing users to:

  • Update Multitudes of Data at Once
  • View Roll Ups for Quick Data Analysis
  • Make Decisions Faster with Greater Visibility




Intellimas® not only has the capability to configure the rows and columns in the grid, but your business logic as well, using our scripting engine. This allows for more benefits and less headaches.

  • Quickly and Inexpensively Model Your Business Processes Within Intellimas®
  • Identify Key Business Events with Alerting Engine
  • Quickly Adapt to Inevitable Business Changes



DemoVideo ImageIntellimas® is used as an extension to your core systems (e.g. ERP, PLM, SCM) or can be set up as a point solution. Its Advanced Entity Engine easily retrieves core system master data and allows you or your partners to attach additional user defined data to complete a specific business function. Its spreadsheet-like view is very familiar to users which makes the transition seamless. Intellimas® data is stored in an SQL, Oracle or DB2 database which means you can report against it, easily share it, and securely back it up.

Watch these short demo videos to see how Intellimas® can streamline your enterprise system functions.


Intellimas Case StudiesThe Intellimas® application has been used to replace spreadsheets and streamline the business functions of enterprise systems to make processes more efficient. Learn how we have already helped companies:

  • Automate and Simplify Their Costing Process
  • Improve Sample Tracking and Automate Updates
  • Enhance Decision Making with Better Analysis of Quotes
  • and More…

Download Intellimas® Case Studies