Increase Capacity of PLM Systems

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Singletree’s Intellimas® application gives users greater bandwidth with automatic data updates, two way collaboration and real time visibility. Intellimas® replicates and replaces your existing spreadsheets with software that looks and feels like a spreadsheet with the added capabilities of:

  • Retrieving Master Data in Real Time from Your Enterprise Systems
  • Facilitating Comprehensive Vendor Collaboration
  • Easy Data Search and Revision History
  • Alerting You to Data Changes, Exceptions and Scheduled Activities
  • One Version of the Truth 
  • Spreadsheets are Difficult to Replace
  • What Spreadsheets Should I Replicate
  • 5 Ways You Can Improve Your Process in 30 Days
  • Use Cases
  • Success Stories

Spreadsheets are loved for compiling and tracking data because they provide users with complete autonomy to create unlimited worksheets and the ability to manipulate and sort data. Spreadsheets have become a staple for businesses because of these functionalities:

  • Easy to Copy and Paste Data
  • Visibility of Many Items at One Time
  • Analytics with Easily Created Calculations
  • User Flexibility and Capability


Intellimas® replaces core spreadsheets. These spreadsheets don’t have a home in the enterprise system and deal with core business functions. Specifically, the spreadsheets that should be replaced are those that include or affect:

  • The Bottom Line (e.g., Costing, RFQ’s and Sample Tracking)
  • Vendor Information and Collaboration
  • Frequently Updated Internal Spreadsheets Used by Many Different People

With Intellimas® we do not replace Ad Hoc spreadsheets as they are the primary purpose of spreadsheets in that they allow for quick analysis.


Intellimas’® greatest attribute is maximizing the investment of a PLM system. Intellimas® replaces certain system functions to increase efficiency of the PLM System with:

  • Easy Updating of Many Items at a Time
  • Increased Visibility of Many Items
  • Ability to Review Historical Data
  • A View into Analytics While Inputting Data
  • Revision History at the Field Level


DemoVideo ImageIntellimas® is used as an extension to your core systems (e.g. ERP, PLM, SCM) or can be set up as a point solution. Its Advanced Entity Engine easily retrieves core system master data and allows you or your partners to attach additional user defined data to complete a specific business function.  Its spreadsheet-like view is very familiar to users which makes the transition seamless.  Intellimas® data is stored in a SQL, Oracle, or DB2 database which means you can report against it, easily share it, and securely back it up.

Watch these short demo videos to see how Intellimas® can streamline your enterprise system functions.


Intellimas Case StudiesThe Intellimas® application has been used to replace spreadsheets and streamline the business functions of enterprise systems to make processes more efficient. Learn how we have already helped companies:

  • Automate and Simplify Their Costing Process
  • Improve Sample Tracking and Automate Updates
  • Enhance Decision Making with Better Analysis of Quotes
  • and More…

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