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The Best of Both Worlds

Very simply, our customers love Intellimas® because it gives them the best of both worlds: Spreadsheet Features in an Enterprise Application. This pleases the end users as well as the IT team. Here is a sampling of those features which make Intellimas® stand out.

  • Spreadsheet Features
  • Enterprise Features

  • Column filtering
  • Column freezing
  • Column sizing and positioning
  • Multi-cell copy paste
  • Row copy paste (includes parent/child copying)
  • Analytics (calculations, pivoting, summaries)
  • Export to spreadsheet



  • Retrieve live data from enterprise systems instead of downloading or duplicating
  • Extend enterprise data by adding additional data attributes managed by Intellimas
  • Exception management and alerts
  • Database driven (Oracle, SQL, PostgreSQL)
  • Multiple screen views with the same data
  • Multiple reports created against the same data with our report engine
  • Data secured at the row and attribute level
  • Comprehensive searching
  • Cloud or on-premise