Intellimas: Responding to Changing Business Conditions

Our Intellimas software, combined with our rapid deployment process allow businesses to quickly adapt to changing business conditions.  Major events such as market crashes, tariff increases, or virus outbreaks immediately change priorities.  Even modest environment changes can drive the sudden need to manage new business processes in an enterprise level system, quickly.  Offline or cloud based spreadsheets are not conducive to comprehensive business functions and workflows.  Intellimas is built to deploy quickly without sacrificing the functionality needed to manage critical business functions.  Additionally, our configuration engine is highly suited for iterative functionality deployments, which gets you up and running quickly.  Prove it to yourself and take a test drive.  Contact us for a demo and free trial!

Leveraging Your Existing Tech Investment

  • Use Intellimas as an add-on to your enterprise systems without breaking the bank
  • Retrieve live data from your enterprise system with our proprietary framework
  • Less expensive than customizations of your legacy systems
  • Spreadsheet-like UI helps end users adapt with ease
  • Retrieve validation tables from existing systems for consistent dropdowns
  • Start small, replicating business processes in a matter of days
  • Intellimas is built to quickly and simply enhance existing configuration
  • Many companies use Intellimas to solve other business problems after the success of their 1st rollout
  • The Intellimas configuration engine is highly suited for the quick prototype/feedback loop
  • Many companies take on the configuration themselves after the 1st application rollout

Iterative Deployment Process

Replacing Spreadsheets

  • The existing spreadsheet can be used as the model for configuration
  • A spreadsheet-like user interface = minimal learning curve
  • Use workflow, exceptions, and alerting config to move beyond spreadsheets
  • Automatic syncing of enterprise data
  • Better collaboration with field level security and easy workflow setup
  • Most of our implementations are completed 100% remotely
  • Our specialists are expert at understanding your process while recommending best practices
  • The Intellimas configuration UI is highly suited for quick deployments
  • End users and 3rd parties easily adapt to the spreadsheet-like UI
  • Onsite consultant visits, if desired, are typically only done for discovery and training

Rapid Deployment

Ready to Take a Look?

Let us show you how Intellimas has solved all kinds of business problems for some great companies like yours.   Learn why companies find many other uses for this application after the initial business problem is solved.  And don’t forget to ask us about our 30 day trial!