Speed up the Supply Chain

Singletree’s Intellimas® application greatly improves your supply chain management strategy by giving vendors the UI they require for speed. Intellimas allows you to connect your enterprise data to user defined fields and business logic to handle various supply chain activities. See below to learn about additional Intellimas® capabilities such as:

  • Retrieving Master Data in Real Time from Your Enterprise Systems
  • Facilitating Comprehensive Vendor Collaboration
  • Easy Data Search and Revision History
  • Alerting You to Data Changes, Exceptions and Scheduled Activities
  • One Version of the Truth
  • Ready to Take a Look?

    Let us show you how Intellimas has solved all kinds of business problems for some great companies like yours.   Learn why companies find many other uses for this application after the initial business problem is solved.  And don’t forget to ask us about our 30 day trial!