We have images!

September 19, 2012 8:05 pm

When we were in the early stages of developing Intellimas, we envisioned the application as a better way to input data.  It certainly met that objective and more.  But as our customers continue to challenge us with their various business problems, we have expanded Intellimas with more features to help them streamline their processes.  An example of this is roll-ups.   Intellimas was able to handle calculations pretty much out of the gate but our clients didn’t want to wait for a report to run in order to determine their overall margin or average LDP.  

And so, after being asked by several customers, we have now added the ability to preview an image in Intellimas!  The image needs to exist in some format that is accessible by your application server and it needs to have some defined relationship (style #, fabric code,etc.) with your Intellimas data.   We can help you navigate through all of this so that you get the image you want.  

So other than making the screen prettier, why would you want an image in Intellimas?  Some of our customers need a style image in their costing entity so they and their vendors can have a quick reference to the style while they are costing it or while they analyze bids.  If they need a more detailed reference, they can click on a link or attachment cell (also new features) to open the host PLM system or access a detailed document or tech pack.  But having that reference to an image can save a bunch of time to dig further into what that style really is.  Other companies keep material images in their raw material library so they will now be able to see the color representation while lab dip tracking.  Another place they can be used is for salesman sample tracking.  What if you are about to start market week or sales presentations and you receive samples without any reference number?  You can search for all samples that were due in at the time of receipt and then compare the physical style to the image.   I am sure you can come up with plenty of your own reasons for having images too.  

Here is an example of the Intellimas screen when it is configured with images:

Images are loaded on demand for performance reasons, so you just have to click on 
the image cell for the item you would like to view and it will pop up a small picture.  To get a larger image as in the above screen shot, you double-click any image cell and it expands the grid accordingly.  Now you can reference pictures when you are viewing or updating data.  

We are excited about the possibilities, once our clients start using this feature, as they continue to surprise us with their creativity in how they use Intellimas!