WebPDM Solutions

WebPDM Quick Entry

A spreadsheet-like user interface that allows you to add, change, delete, and mass maintain data in the WebPDM Item Properties, Bill of Materials, and Style Color Tab.

Our comprehensive search engine allows you to customize the data you want to work with and save that search for the next time you want to use it.

With Quick Entry, you can easily react to design changes by swapping out many items, colors, or components in one operation. Giving users a tool that helps them save time and become more productive is a positive thing, and Quick Entry fits the bill.

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WebPDM Report Wizard

A drag and drop reporting tool that allows you to quickly create output from WebPDM and Request Tracker without technical assistance.  It comes with data templates that allow you to report on almost any area of WebPDM.  It allows you to create custom page printouts, status reports, exception reports, and vendor performance reports among others.

Create reports by dragging data onto a report canvas.  Data templates are pre-built so it is not necessary for you to be familiar with the WebPDM database or SQL.

You have complete control over the font sizes, text colors, borders, etc. to create colorful, eye catching reports.

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