How it All Works

Lifecycle of an Intellimas Project

Watch how we solve real business problems with Intellimas, a low-code application platform that allows you to create web apps in days!  In these videos, we take you through a simple example of how we collaborate with clients to provide great solutions.  Instead of just highlighting Intellimas features and functions, we felt that it was important for you to see how our consulting services team works with the client, while keeping in mind the software capabilities (and perhaps future capabilities).  The videos will take you through a condensed view of the lifecycle of a project as follows:

Singletree and Intellimas Differentiators

Boiling it all down, here is a list of advantages which makes Singletree and Intellimas a compelling alternative in the web app development world and a great choice for helping you solve real business problems.



We work with clients to quickly understand the business problem and begin to sketch out how the data needs to be structured and what kind of business logic will be required

Many times we are replacing core spreadsheets with Intellimas and the content and format on each version varies by business area.  We work with you to create one cohesive business process that can handle many nuances.

Even if we are essentially just replacing a spreadsheet process or an Access database, we still suggest best practices in each of our projects in order to create the best solution for our clients.

Part of our configuration is the ability to retrieve master or reference data live, without replicating it, and connecting it to Intellimas data.  This eliminates the replication of data and brings all necessary information to Intellimas to support a complete business process.

Many of our projects require data to be set up in a one to many relationship.  Our multi-level grid allows for this, where end users can drill down when they need to view the child data or it can be flattened out in a separate grid view or form view.

Intellimas works for small companies and big companies alike and handles both simple and complex business processes.  Our typical client finds many other uses for Intellimas once they have completed their first project.

Clients can use a combination of a single or multi-level grid with a form view to handle many different processes.  And we continue to enhance the capabilities of these views to meet client requirements.

We pride ourselves on collaborating with clients to quickly complete projects so they can start achieving immediate benefits.  Our low-code configuration engine allows us to get functionality in front of clients right away for immediate review and testing, which facilitates a shorter overall timeline.  

Ready to Take a Look?

Let us show you how Intellimas has solved all kinds of business problems for some great companies like yours.   Learn why companies find many other uses for this application after the initial business problem is solved.  And don’t forget to ask us about our 30 day trial!