Intellimas Technical Tools

Intellimas is an enterprise low code app builder so it has lots of great end user features which make it a compelling solution for a myriad of use cases.  However the backbone of Intellimas is made up of the technical features or tools which allow us to create comprehensive apps for cloud or on premise deployments.  Many of our projects require data to be integrated with other systems or within Intellimas itself.  We found over many years that we could not depend on 3rd party tools for integration so we created our own in Intellimas.  Now our clients have the tools they need to eliminate redundant data or handle comprehensive use cases without creating raw code.  Below are details about the suite of tools we now have that make Intellimas a one stop shop in the low code, app building world.

After Save Script

Scheduled Jobs

Message Bus

Asynchronous Processes

Integration Tables

Live Data Retrieval

Web API's

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