Intellimas® Data Management Features

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excel like app

  1. Attachment field type can be configured to appear anywhere in the grid and at any level
  2. One or more attachment files can be added at a time by an end user
  3. Limitations on the number of attachments per cell and the size of the attachments can be configured
  4. Drag and drop or upload the attachment from the desktop
  5. Images can be copied and pasted from the clipboard into an attachment field

Batch Actions
  1. Out of the box actions on many rows of data
  2. Duplicate many rows at a time and child rows will be copied as well
  3. Delete many rows with valid security
  4. Allows for custom actions for specific business logic

Comprehensive Filtering
  1. Excel-like filtering 
  2. Available on almost all field types and at any level
  3. Filters stay invoked until you leave the screen or you hit the cancel-all filters button
  4. Global filter scans the screen for matches
  5. Use the search and filtering for powerful way to pinpoint your data
excel like app
Data Entry & Copy/Paste
  1. Input data across many items very quickly
  2. Grid is set up for users who prefer the keyboard or mouse
  3. Copy one cell or many cells at a time
  4. Copy from spreadsheets
  5. Copy from the clipboard

Form View
  1. Form can be designed by an admin for a variety of use cases
  2. Built for processes where copy/paste is not typically required and the data entry focus is on specific fields
  3. Switch seamlessly between the form and grid views
  4. Virtually unlimited design options
excel like app

HTML Memo Fields
  1. Virtually unlimited text can be added to the HTML memo fields
  2. Add data to the field as unformatted text or HTML
  3. Bulleted lists are available with this field type
  4. Text can be bolded, underlined, and indented, or you can use strikethrough
excel like app

Multi-Level Grid
  1. Eliminates redundant data
  2. Better reflect one to many data relationships
  3. Allows for business and planning hierarchies for different business functions
  4. Provides header / detail approach for functions that need it 
excel like app

Rollups & Calculations
  1. Configuration allows for a multitude of different calculations and functions
  2. Formulas calculate before saving which allows for what-if’s
  3. On screen rollups available at each level
  4. Rollup functions include sums, averages, and weighted averages
  5. Rollups are live and reflect filtered data
excel like app

  1. Configurable search options
  2. Search fields can be text, dropdowns, dates, numeric and more
  3. Search fields can be set up as dependent on values of other search fields
  4. Searches can be saved by user or shared with groups
  5. Compound searches help to pinpoint required data
  6. Wild card searches available
excel like app

Spreadsheet Features
  1. Spreadsheet features give end users autonomy to design their own screens with our excel like app
  2. Column pinning allows for better visibility of key data
  3. Comprehensive filtering helps users better narrow down their data sets
  4. Multi-column sorting enables users to have better visibility to their most critical elements first
  5. Column and row sizing as well as column positioning lets the most important fields stand out for each user