Spreadsheet Replacement Considerations

Face it, spreadsheet software is only meant to be an ad-hoc solution, for quick analysis or smaller tracking projects. That’s why enterprise software implementations are designed to replace spreadsheets and other offline processes. However, most of these projects still leave spreadsheets behind. More importantly, many of these spreadsheets are handling mission critical business processes which can keep managers awake at night. Singletree’s Intellimas® is a strategic application with a back-end database and comprehensive configuration engine (good for IT) and the look and feel of a spreadsheet (good for the end users). Learn more below about how Intellimas® can help you streamline your business processes and replace spreadsheets where it makes the most sense.

Ready to Take a Look?

Let us show you how Intellimas has solved all kinds of business problems for some great companies like yours.   Learn why companies find many other uses for this application after the initial business problem is solved.  And don’t forget to ask us about our 30 day trial!