Supply Chain Management

Managing your supply chain has become even more critical in this environment of constant disruption and change.  We live in an era of supply inconsistencies and drastic demand shifts which require superior tools to help you manage it.  Intellimas will help you navigate this uncertain landscape.  It has the look and feel of a spreadsheet for enhanced collaboration with your vendors.  It also has a form view for processes that require it.  Handle processes such as Request for Quote, WIP Tracking, Shipment Tracking, Quality Assurance, Sample Tracking, Vendor Compliance, Document Management and more.  Use our out-of-the-box web apps or configure your own.  See below for the features of Intellimas that lend themselves toward supply chain management or contact us for more information.  

Intellimas Features for Supply Chain Management

Seamless Data Retrieval

Pull data from a variety of sources and keep it connected to Intellimas user defined fields. Seamlessly retrieve product data, purchase orders or more.

Great Data Entry

Grid UI with mass copy paste and superior visibility provide the speed needed for the supply chain process which is vital for collaborating with vendors.


Work with vendors, customers or other partners within the system in order to get real time updates from the source.

Rollups and Calculations

Create a variety of calculations and rollups to support cost estimation, weighted averages, and rollups.


Use several different chart types to manage workflow, exceptions, and metrics against the Intellimas data.

Multi-channel management

Manage channel specific product aspects including pricing, currency, terms, and channel specific attributes.

Multi-Level Data Relationships

The Intellimas UI can reflect attributes at various SKU levels and allow for the setup of hierarchical dropdowns and taxonomies.

Configurable Workflow

Various methods are available to establish and manage complex process workflows which drives efficiency.

Revision History

Field level revision history with associated user names can be tracked and viewed as needed.

Configurable Alerts

Alerts can be emailed to targeted users in order to advise of workflow delays, missing information, and required actions.

Document Management

Attach and categorize documents and associate them to the PO or other data as part of the supply chain process or as needed.

Form View

Certain processes are better done in a form. Navigate between the form and grid to handle all kinds business functions.