Better Work in Process Tracking

In most companies, spreadsheets are used throughout the supply chain for tracking, collaboration, and decision making purposes. But spreadsheets are not the best tools for the job. Intellimas® gives you the look and feel of a spreadsheet, but it’s a much more strategic solution. Specifically for PO Tracking or WIP Tracking, Intellimas® gives you the following benefits:

Deciding on the milestones and lead times you will use for a WIP Tracking calendar can be a challenge. If your PO system has the milestones and plan dates built in, we can read them into Intellimas® as is. If not, Intellimas® has several ways to help you establish them:


Managing by exception is an area that Intellimas® does an exceptional (don’t mind the pun) job of, especially when it comes to WIP tracking. As an internal business user, you want to avoid weeding through purchase orders and timelines which are looking good. You want to pinpoint the trouble spots and act on them quickly. Here are some ways Intellimas® provides for better exception management:

Beyond WIP Tracking, there are many supply chain requirements for the vendors that Intellimas® can handle which will allow for a seamless process. One of those vendor requirements is the packing list. Intellimas® can be the vehicle for the vendors to provide you with this valuable information which will give you the following advantages:

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