Frequently Asked Questions


What is Master Data?

  • Any Data that is Being Retrieved from the Enterprise System
  • Data that is Provided by IT for the End Users
  • Intellimas® Reads that Data Live on the Screen

    How Does Intellimas React to Business Process Changes?

  • Intellimas® is an Agile Product and Process
  • It Can Model Just About Any Business Process
  • Application Configuration Happens in Just Days

    How Accessible is the Data?

  • Fields Configured in Intellimas® are Immediately Available in the Database Tables as New Columns
  • Easy to Read for Reporting and Updating
  • Integration with Intellimas is Simplified by the Intuitive Table Structures

    How Does Security Work in Intellimas?

  • Row Based Security Allows Easy Security Customization
  • IT Can Determine Who Can See and Update Specific Information
  • Security is Dynamic in that it’s Based on how the Entity is Configured

    How Easy is Intellimas to Deploy?

  • Intellimas Uses Your Existing Infrastructure and Comes With a Comprehensive Configuration UI for Quick Deployment
  • Little to No Hardware Costs for On-Premise Implementations
  • No Need for Direct Server Access to Configure Intellimas®
  • ERP, SCM & PLM Agnostic for Seamless User Authentication with Existing User Security