Intellimas Reporting

It seems that one of the last things that gets addressed in the implementation of large applications is reporting. Project managers secretly hope that out of the box reports will suffice, but they rarely do.

Whether you call it business intelligence, dashboarding, or reporting, business clients want their data presented in a variety of formats, and at their fingertips when they need it. The challenge is to be able to create reports that provide actionable intelligence, but without having to rely on a programmer.

Singletree Technologies’ Intellimas® Reporting is a tool that fits the bill. It comes integrated with Intellimas® out of the box so you can create a multitude of reports from Intellimas® data. Intellimas is the spreadsheet software alternative which presents data in a grid format, which is already in and of itself a report.  Intellimas Reporting takes reporting a step further, allowing you to create variety of output against the Intellimas data and generate it with the push of a button.

Intellimas® Reporting’s Data Provider architecture allows for all data fields, table relationships, and calculations to be determined up front so that power users or IT staff can easily create reports when they need them. Image oriented presentation reports, listings, charts, pivots, and Excel exports can be created with one tool without breaking the bank.

Let your reporting strategy become a welcomed addition to your project with Intellimas® Reporting.