Intellimas Dashboards

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Graphical representation of your data is a must if you want to react to trends, manage exceptions, or improve workflow. Intellimas dashboards can be set up in minutes and provide you with intelligence that may not be seen in rows and columns. Perhaps the best part is that you can click-through the chart to see the underlying data so that you can take action. See below for additional features.

Intellimas Dashboarding Features

Chart Types

Choose from chart types such as bar, line, pie, doughnut, text, and horizontal bar.


Link the chart series to underlying data in specific Intellimas entities with one click.

Data Sources

Any data in Intellimas or other data sources for which Intellimas has access can be charted

Dynamic Content

Chart can be rendered based on various dynamic variables such as dates, user names and groups, etc.


Charts are rendered periodically based on a user managed scheduler which churns through the data.

Chart Sizing

The charts can be viewed in two different sizes. Any chart size can be zoomed in as well with one click.

UI Features

Show/hide any data series with a click of a legend label. Mouse-over the chart to see data values.

Chart Options

Various options available such a stacked bars, legend hiding, minimum / maximum values, etc..