Case Studies

Better Tracking of Perkins V Compliance

A state university network (SUN) in the U.S. that manages many colleges was looking for a better way to track compliance with the Congressional Act called Perkins V.  Perkins V was signed into law in 2018 and it reauthorized and improved upon the Perkins IV act of 2006.  This act provided $1.3 billion toward career… View Article

Replacing an Access Database Application

Client Description: Global information management and media company that maintains detailed intelligence for various markets, which is used by a variety of businesses and professionals. Business Problem: This organization has maintained detailed data on specific industries over a long period of time. As is typical in many companies, the business team created their own database… View Article

Construction Cost Estimation

Client Description: Large building construction and project development company Business Problem: This client designs and constructs many structures in different regions of the globe. They were looking for an application builder that could handle a variety of use cases. The main one they wanted to automate was a construction cost estimation process. This was being… View Article

Property Investment Management

Client Description: Construction and property management company Business Problem: This client develops, constructs and manages many properties in different regions of the United States. They had a spreadsheet-based process for managing the multitude of investments into the properties.. The client secures funds for each property from various investors in order to support the construction and… View Article

Sales Order Management and Buy Planning

Client Description: Large wholesale apparel company with a wide variety of high end lifestyle brands Business Problem: This client has an old ERP system with lots of manual processes in many areas of the business. In some of their divisions, sales orders were started in spreadsheets and then re-keyed into the ERP system. The redundant… View Article

Capacity Planning

Client Description: Multinational retailer of high quality apparel for young men and women Business Problem: This company has spent the last few years implementing a leading Supply Chain Management (SCM) system which has helped streamline their business process. As in most enterprise system implementations, there were gaps in the business process that were being filled… View Article

Work Order Management

Client Description: Large U.S. manufacturer of T-Shirts and other clothing Business Problem: This company is implementing a PLM system to house all of their product data and to manage the pre-production process.  In the pre-sales process, a gap was identified that was a lynchpin for their production process and was not covered by the PLM… View Article

Catalog Pricing & Content Management

Client Description: Retailer of high quality performance apparel for dance and gymnastics   Business Problem: Each and every business activity for this retailer is a lead up to building the catalog.  The designers, pattern makers, product developers, costing staff, merchants, and marketing team all contribute to the product content for these very important books that… View Article

Salesman Sample Inventory Management

Client Description: Mid-sized handbag wholesaler.   Business Problem: This company was importing many salesman samples each season. Once they came into their corporate office, the samples would be distributed to salespersons.  They would then lose track of the samples because they had no system to manage them.  These lost samples could have been reused or… View Article

Replacing a PLM Costing Function

Client Description: Large specialty brands retailer that markets to teens   Business Problem: This company recently implemented a leading supply chain management (SCM) system. The system has comprehensive costing and RFQ functionality which can handle the product costing for this company but required the users to input data in a variety of screens in order… View Article