Handling Complex Use Cases with Intellimas

Introduction Our Intellimas software is built to handle simple and complex use cases.  Either can have a great impact on organizations.  If you are replacing a spreadsheet process or a simple access database, Intellimas can easily handle this and make the process much more strategic.  But there are times when a business process is more… View Article

What is a Low Code App Platform, and Why do you Need One?

Introduction Our Intellimas software is considered a low code application platform (LCAP).  This means that it can help you deploy web apps in days in order to solve business problems and handle important use cases.  This blog post drills into what an LCAP is and why you need one for your organization. What is an… View Article

The Case for On-Premise Deployments

Many companies will not even look at on-prem as an alternative because they do not want their IT team to have to manage hardware and software, and for some of the reasons mentioned above related to the cloud option. However, if a software vendor provides both options, it is important that clients apply their due diligence to both.

Express Yourself!

One of the secrets behind the ultra-flexibility of Intellimas is our scripting engine. When we first built the software, we knew it had a great grid UI (and we have since added form views), but we had to determine how our clients would need to process data. We knew they would need calculation capabilities, but… View Article

Introducing Published Forms

In working with various companies over the years, we have come across the need to enable quick, intermittent input from users in a highly streamlined format. Given that, we have created a comprehensive new feature called ”Published Forms”. Since the name doesn’t necessarily tell you what it does, we can describe it by the end… View Article

Responding to Client Feature Requests

We always strive to make improvements to Intellimas based on what our customers request, and this month is no different. In our latest release, we are introducing three new features. Dropdown fields have always been a useful component of any configuration, and now they are even better. As you may know, when you start to… View Article

Intellimas Reviewed and Awarded by

We at Singletree have always valued the opinion of our customers more than anyone else, and the feedback we have gotten to date about our Intellimas® application has been great. However, we also value the judgement of third parties whose job it is to thoroughly review software. This is exactly what took place recently when… View Article

Why Vendors May Not Benefit from Supply Chain Collaboration as Much as You Think

Long ago, many companies realized they couldn’t handle all aspects of product development and manufacturing. For more than 25 years, vendors across the globe have been assisting western brands in bringing products to market. These days, a vendor’s role in the supply chain is more critical than ever, as they provide either important components or… View Article

Material Approval Challenges

During my career as a technology specialist, and more so as a production manager, I’ve seen so many challenges when it comes to keeping track of material approvals. Typical material approvals aren’t the issue. Most PLM’s have the ability, out of the box, to track and approve many different aspects of materials, such as quality… View Article

Introducing Intellimas Reporting

  “What does the report look like?”   Intellimas customers (and any PLM customer for that matter) realize the value of having a system to store all their data. Whether it is costing, development sample tracking, or lab dips, finding the most streamlined way to keep data easily accessible and editable is the easy part.  Inevitably,… View Article