Intellimas® Productivity Features

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excel like app

Conditional Coloring
  1. Configure fields to change the background color or text color based on user-defined conditions
  2. Virtually unlimited colors available
  3. Use this feature to automatically call out exceptions
  4. Fields can be configured to have permanent user-defined colors as well  
excel like app

  1. Create grid or form based web apps that are built for speed
  2. User defined field types include text, drop-downs, numeric, hyperlinks, images, dates, calculations and more
  3. Multiple levels handle one to many relationships or a header/detail approach
  4. Retrieve live data from enterprise systems and connect to user defined fields
  5. Dynamic security is at the field level and is built for partner collaboration
  6. Connect main entities to sub-entities for comprehensive processes

  1. Create variety of dashboards from Intellimas data
  2. Zoom in for full screen
  3. Drill in to see related Intellimas data and take action
  4. Chart data can be updated on configurable schedules
  5. Various chart formats are available
  6. Mouse over the chart areas to see more details

Data Import
  1. Import from csv files for off line processes or when live data entry is not possible
  2. Import matches field names and indicates where a mismatch occurred
  3. Inserts or updates can be done based on matching key fields 
  4. All validations are completed during the upload, including drop-down field checking.
excel like app
Exceptions & Alerts
  1. Configurable exception searches help to zero in on problems
  2. Exception views typically used to see upcoming or late items
  3. Alerts configured for specific business scenarios that have to be acted on immediately
  4. Alerts can be grouped and emailed to targeted users

Field Level Help Text
  1. Add a short description for any field in an entity.   
  2. Help text eases the learning curve of a new process
  3. A tooltip shows next to the column header for the grid views when you mouse over it.
  4. Click a question mark on the form view to see the help text
excel like app

  1. Create unlimited reports from Intellimas® entities
  2. Drag and drop reporting tool that can be used by administrators, power users, or programmers
  3. Create listing reports, pivot reports, forms, presentation charts and more
  4. Security based on user groups in Intellimas®
  5. Output to PDF, Excel, HTML or CSV
excel like app
Retrieve Live Data
  1. Retrieve master data from enterprise systems with SQL queries or web API’s
  2. Connect live data with user defined fields for a full business process
  3. Results immediately available to end user with the click of the search button
  4. API’s or staging tables can be set up for enterprise systems that cannot handle direct access

Search Prompts
  1. Configurable search prompts can be set up for any search field to easily find your data
  2. Use saved searches to access search prompts from the dashboard
  3. Use keyboard shortcuts to access search prompts from within the entity
  4. Frequent prompt searches can be saved by user or shared with groups
excel like app

  1. Create many global views or end user views for each entity
  2. Take multi-level entities and flatten them out for streamlined data entry
  3. Create views with subsets of the entity fields for different business functions within the same entity
  4. Configure header colors to represent different parts of the business process.