Replace Spreadsheets

Replace your spreadsheets with a true enterprise application. Intellimas has grid and form features and is built to integrate with your on premise software or cloud applications for seamless data management.

Build Enterprise Apps

Quickly build enterprise applications with Intellimas using our configuration engine. The entire business logic, form and grid UI, workflow, dashboards, and reporting are up and running quickly for a comprehensive data management strategy.

Supply Chain Management

Use our proven, highly configurable applications to manage your supply chain, or you can build your own. The spreadsheet software features are perfect for vendor collaboration and rapid data entry. Our apps include RFQ's/Costing, WIP Tracking, Quality Assurance, and Vendor Compliance.

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Let us show you how Intellimas has solved all kinds of business problems for some great companies like yours.   Learn why companies find many other uses for this application after the initial business problem is solved.  And don’t forget to ask us about our 30 day trial!

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