Product Information Management (PIM)

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Cohesive management of every product detail has never been more critical.  Seamless ecommerce, regulatory compliance, safety requirements, customer education and more make it imperative that product information is captured and maintained in one place.  Intellimas is the right solution for your Product Information Management (PIM) process.  It allows you to seamlessly retrieve data from a variety of sources and connects with the Intellimas user defined fields.  The grid user interface allows for easy data entry when you have no home for specific attributes.  You can drag and drop document attachments related to the product for easy retrieval later.  Collaborate with vendors or customers as well with this one application.  Below are the features that make Intellimas the right platform for PIM and many other use cases. 

Intellimas Features for PIM

Seamless Data Retrieval

Pull data from a variety of sources and keep it connected to Intellimas user defined fields. Seamlessly keep your Ecomm sites in sync.

Assortment of User Defined Fields

Enrich your product data with the variety of Intellimas user defined fields when there is no other home for these attributes.

Great Data Entry

Grid UI with mass copy paste and superior visibility provide the speed needed for the PIM process.

Document Management

Attach and categorize documents and associate them to the product record as part of the workflow process or as needed.

Image Upload or Linking

Digital assets can be uploaded and viewed in Intellimas or can be linked and viewed from other systems.

Multi-channel management

Manage channel specific product aspects including pricing, currency, terms, and channel specific attributes.

Multi-Level Data Relationships

The Intellimas UI can reflect attributes at various SKU levels and allows for the setup of hierarchical dropdowns and taxonomies.

Configurable Workflow

Various methods are available to establish and manage complex process workflows which drives efficiency.

Revision History

Field level revisions can be tracked and viewed as needed.

Configurable Alerts

Alerts can be emailed to targeted users in order to advise of workflow delays, missing information, and required actions.


Work with vendors, customers or other partners within the system in order to enrich product data at the source.

Excel Upload

When off line charts have to be maintained, easily upload product related data from Excel®.

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