Comprehensive Costing and RFQ’s

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Most companies still cost out their products in a spreadsheet, at least in the initial design and development phases, because it is the most flexible vehicle for this process.  Intellimas® gives you the same flexibility of a spreadsheet, and many other strategic advantages:

  1. Real Time Retrieval of Item Master Data
  2. Better Vendor Collaboration
  3. Alerts and Exception Management
  4. Most Importantly: A Repeatable Corporate Process

Find out why a Director of a multi-billion wholesale company said, “Costing has been a breeze with Intellimas®.”

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  • Multiple RFQ Scenarios
  • Handling BOM's and Calculating Targets
  • Table Driven Values
  • Spreadsheet Features and More

Companies today are requesting many different quotes for the same item. Because of this, the requester needs to be able to quickly determine the impact to margins for each of these scenarios so that product decisions can be made quickly. Intellimas® is built for speed and can handle the challenges of multiple scenarios with the following features:

  • Unlimited Scenarios
  • Easy Copy Paste of Scenarios to Many Items
  • Quick Selection of Desired Scenario to Determine Product Margin
  • What-if Capability to Visualize Impact on Overall Margins


The Bill of Material (BOM) is arguably the most critical part of the costing process. Even companies who outsource all material purchases to their contractors will likely require a cost breakdown of each component. Intellimas® can retrieve the BOM from your enterprise system and/or allow for changes to that BOM in order to accommodate various production scenarios. Here are some ways that Intellimas® streamlines this process:

  • Each Costing/RFQ Scenario Can Have its Own BOM Scenario
  • Easy Visibility to BOM Changes and Their Impact on Overall Cost
  • What-If Analysis on the BOM Scenario Without Having to Impact the Original BOM
  • Quick Comparisons of BOM Scenarios Can be Made On-Screen Without Tedious Reports

Whether you are determining the cost of a product being made by a contractor or in your own factory, many add-on factors go into the final cost of an item. Our goal, when implementing Intellimas® for the costing process, is to drive as many costs with values in a table. These tables can be retrieved from your enterprise system or built into Intellimas® as another entity. Either way, the objective is to automate the costing process as much as possible in order to increase speed and reduce errors. Here are some of the ways we can drive cost factors in Intellimas®:

  • Automatically Driven From a Table in an Enterprise System or Intellimas® Itself
  • Manually Select Values from a Table
  • Default Values Based on Business Rules
  • Rolled-Up from an Intellimas® Sub-Entity

Intellimas® was engineered with the mindset of providing end users with the kind of flexibility they get with a spreadsheet, while at the same time giving them lots of strategic advantages. Having these spreadsheet features not only improves speed over traditional enterprise apps, but also makes change management almost unnecessary in the implementation process. End users transition easily to a user interface for which they are already familiar. Examples of some of the spreadsheet-like features in Intellimas® are:

  • Comprehensive Search and Filters
  • Various Copy/Paste Options
  • Column Freezing, Positioning, Hiding, Sorting and Sizing
  • Calculations and Roll-ups