Jones College Case Study

Intellimas can work for just about any company in any industry. Proof of that is this case study of our new client, Jones College. We sat down with the team at Jones to discuss how Intellimas quickly helped them manage a new department and new process, and how they expect Intellimas to help them in the future. Check out the quick video above for a snapshot of this case study. For a more thorough analysis, watch the more detailed videos below. Shane Walters, Singletree’s founder, takes the Jones team listed below through the process of selecting and implementing Intellimas for their student recruitment and management process.

  • Amanda McLeod – Assistant VP of Enrollment Management
  • Ashley Holifield – Admissions Counselor
  • John Howard Robertson – IT Project Manager
  • Business Problem
  • Why Intellimas
  • How it All Works
  • Standout Features
  • Intellimas Benefits for Jones
  • Technical Considerations
  • The Future

Here the Jones team describes the reasons for purchasing a new software solution, as well as the specific requirements for the solution, which include:


  • Support a new student focused process
  • Meet a tight time frame for go-live
  • Eliminate bottlenecks in their Student Information System
  • Leverage the investment already made in their legacy system



Listen to the team describe the case for choosing Intellimas to solve their business problem, which includes:

  • Fully integrated with their campus solutions or SIS System
  • Alignment with their business requirements
  • Low code solution that can be deployed rapidly
  • Ability to grow with Jones College




Intellimas is a highly configurable solution and this video shows how we aligned this configuration to the Jones business requirements. Here we cover:

  • How Intellimas was implemented
  • The typical day of the Admissions Counselor
  • How we set up a personalized but automated solution
  • How the students get the right information at the right time




Listen to the Jones team describe which features of Intellimas helped them transform their processes. Some of those mentioned are:

  • Seamless communications to the students
  • Easy system onboarding
  • Intellimas is built to tweak
  • Ability to create tailored views with one set of data
  • Full audit trail



In a very short period of time, Jones College reaped several benefits with the Intellimas implementation as follows:

  • The students, who are essentially the customers in the Jones CRM process, love the results
  • Live, key metrics for better process management
  • Intellimas made the new process possible
  • One, complete, highly visible source of the truth
  • Intellimas will help Jones stay a step ahead for their students


Jones’ IT Director spent some time with us going over technical considerations in the Intellimas implementation, including:

  • Developing optimal queries
  • Configuring new functionality in Intellimas
  • How the custom action feature in Intellimas helped for better process alignment





Jones is excited about the future with Intellimas as it will help them grow. Listen to them discuss what’s next for them.

  • Charts and graphs, or dashboarding with underlying data easily accessible
  • Adding new student populations to the mix