Streamlined Quality Assurance

Although most companies use some form of statistical sampling methodology for their quality audits, the overall quality management process can vary quite a bit from company to company. This plays to the strengths of Intellimas® because it’s configured from the ground up to align completely with the business process, while taking into account best practices. Here is a sampling of some of those best practices for QA that can be configured into Intellimas®:

  • Built-in AQL methodology and sampling tables
  • Product specifications at the auditors fingertips
  • Alerts for failed audits
  • Detailed data capture and reporting for comprehensive analytics

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  • Packaging Audit
  • Measurement Audit
  • Exception Management

Packaging audits are typically an evaluation of specific, company defined criteria. Most other types of audits work similarly, such as Workmanship and Carton audits. These types of audits come with the following features in Intellimas®:

  • Template-based criteria
  • Templates that can be maintained by QA managers
  • Manual or automatic calculation of major and minor flaws
  • Automatic pass/fail of audit based on AQL tables



A major component of many audits includes the evaluation of a product’s measurements against the final specification. Intellimas handles these types of audits with capabilities such as:

  • Easy retrieval of measurement standards from your specification system
  • Input of sample measurements in various units of measure, along with conversions to a standard unit of measure
  • Calculation of measurement deltas, taking tolerances into account



The QA process requires a massive amount of data management. Intellimas® helps you sift through this data and allows you to manage by exception with:

  • Global standardized searches to retrieve exceptions
  • Alerts for failed audits and other client defined notifications
  • Comprehensive reporting that allows you to slice and dice data in order to continuously improve your quality