Capacity Planning

March 9, 2018 7:09 pm

Client Description:

Multinational retailer of high quality apparel for young men and women

Business Problem:

This company has spent the last few years implementing a leading Supply Chain Management (SCM) system which has helped streamline their business process. As in most enterprise system implementations, there were gaps in the business process that were being filled with manual work-arounds. This was the case with the process to evaluate supplier capacity by month and year against PO’s placed for each vendor. This process was done in Excel for its flexibility but required a tremendous amount of data crunching and manual input in order to make it happen. The process had the potential for significant errors and required a massive amount of coordination and meticulous control of the spreadsheets.

Singletree Solution:

Our client asked Singletree to take a look at the problem to see if it could be solved with Intellimas. They liked that the UI had lots of spreadsheet features which would make the transition for their end users very seamless. Our specialist quickly put together some configuration in Intellimas for proof of concept purposes. This was presented to their IT team, tweaked, and then presented to the end users who loved it. We then formally engaged with them and developed a solution that has the following features:

  1. Retrieves all PO’s in the SCM system and aggregates them to the supplier and month level
  2. Allows end users to input actual supplier capacity by supplier/month
  3. Provides a snapshot of all suppliers and where they stand through reports that can be run right from the dashboard
  4. Secures input so that only the key users are able to update certain capacity fields

Business Benefits:

  1. A purely manual, labor intensive process is now automated.
  2. The business team can pivot their data to drill down into issues.
  3. Errors compiling PO data have now been eliminated.




Image Copyright: macrovector / 123RF Stock Photo