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Singletree’s Intellimas® application gives users greater bandwidth with automatic data updates, two way collaboration and real time visibility. Intellimas® replicates and replaces your existing spreadsheets with software that looks and feels like a spreadsheet with the added capabilities of:

  • Retrieving Master Data in Real Time from Your Enterprise Systems
  • Facilitating Comprehensive Vendor Collaboration
  • Easy Data Search and Revision History
  • Alerting You to Data Changes, Exceptions and Scheduled Activities
  • One Version of the Truth


  • What Spreadsheets Should I Replicate & Replace
  • Quick & Easy Mass Data Updates
  • Improve 2 Way Communication
  • Use Cases
  • Success Stories

Intellimas® replaces core spreadsheets. These spreadsheets don’t have a home in the enterprise system and deal with core business functions. Specifically, the spreadsheets that should be replaced are those that include or affect:

  • The Bottom Line (e.g., Costing, RFQ’s and Sample Tracking)
  • Vendor Information and Collaboration
  • Frequently Updated Internal Spreadsheets Used by Many Different People

With Intellimas® we do not replace Ad Hoc spreadsheets as they are the primary purpose of spreadsheets in that they allow for quick analysis.

Intellimas® uses a data grid to facilitate fast and easy data entry, allowing users to:

  • Update Multitudes of Data at Once
  • View Roll Ups for Quick Data Analysis
  • Make Decisions Faster with Greater Visibility



One of the biggest limitations of spreadsheets is that there is no two-way communication capability. This causes confusion and errors due to multiple versions of spreadsheets being shared internally and around the world. Intellimas® eliminates this problem by:

  • Enabling Collaboration with Vendors in Real Time
  • Facilitating Exception Management with Automatic Alerts
  • Creating One Version of the Truth with Immediate Data Updates



DemoVideo ImageIntellimas® is used as an extension to your core systems (e.g. ERP, PLM, SCM) or can be set up as a point solution. Its Advanced Entity Engine easily retrieves core system master data and allows you or your partners to attach additional user defined data to complete a specific business function.  Its spreadsheet-like view is very familiar to users which makes the transition seamless.  Intellimas® data is stored in a SQL, Oracle, or DB2 database which means you can report against it, easily share it, and securely back it up.

Watch these short demo videos to see how Intellimas® can streamline your enterprise system functions.


Intellimas Case StudiesThe Intellimas® application has been used to replace spreadsheets and streamline the business functions of enterprise systems to make processes more efficient. Learn how we have already helped companies:

  • Automate and Simplify Their Costing Process
  • Improve Sample Tracking and Automate Updates
  • Enhance Decision Making with Better Analysis of Quotes
  • and More…

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