Intellimas® is our flagship software application that helps you replace Excel or fill gaps in your processes for a comprehensive data management strategy.  Intellimas® can be deployed as an extension to your core systems (e.g. ERP, PLM, CRM) or standalone. Our configuration engine easily retrieves core system data and allows you to attach user defined fields to complete a specific business function or extend your master data.  The spreadsheet-like user interface is very familiar to users which makes the transition seamless.  Intellimas® data is stored in a SQL, Oracle, or PostgreSQL database which means you can report against it, easily share it, and securely back it up.



Endless Possibilities

  • Costing/RFQ's
  • Sample tracking
  • Vendor compliance audits
  • Master data management
  • Student information management
  • PO and WIP tracking
  • Production planning
  • Work order tracking
  • MRP
  • Demand planning
  • Quality auditing
  • ...any process you currently have in a spreadsheet that would be more easily managed in an application.