Sales Order Management and Buy Planning

March 9, 2018 7:40 pm

Client Description:

Large wholesale apparel company with a wide variety of high end lifestyle brands

Business Problem:
This client has an old ERP system with lots of manual processes in many areas of the business. In some of their divisions, sales orders were started in spreadsheets and then re-keyed into the ERP system. The redundant data entry was slowing them down. In addition, their sales managers compiled their sales into another spreadsheet in order to determine what needed to be produced. All of this had to be done under a very tight window from sales to purchase.

Singletree Solution:

Singletree was brought in to implement Intellimas to be a front end for sales orders. The spreadsheet look and feel made this project an easy sell. The product data was pulled from the PLM system for easy reference while inputting the order. The sales orders were then pushed to the ERP system on demand, using the EDI sales order format, which is already used in other divisions. We also created a spreadsheet upload process for sales orders being sent in by customers. We then consolidated all of this into a Buy Plan, by size, which allowed the sales managers to advise the production team what to buy.

Business Benefits:

  1. The sales team was able to input orders and have them consolidated into the Buy Plan before product data was set up in the ERP system.  This gave them more time to make buying decisions.
  2. The business team now has a place where they can upload orders sent in on spreadsheets which saved time
  3. Redundant data entry was eliminated in several areas.




Image Copyright: macrovector / 123RF Stock Photo