Salesman Sample Inventory Management

September 11, 2017 8:25 pm

Client Description:

Mid-sized handbag wholesaler.


Business Problem:

This company was importing many salesman samples each season. Once they came into their corporate office, the samples would be distributed to salespersons.  They would then lose track of the samples because they had no system to manage them.  These lost samples could have been reused or sold off in sample sales so this company was losing a ton of money because of this lack of tracking.  They considered using their ERP system to handle samples with purchase orders and “customer” orders but this would have been too labor intensive.


Singletree Solution:

Intellimas was configured to handle the tracking of samples from the factory to the corporate office.  Then we enhanced the entity so that internal users could receive the samples, transfer the samples to the salesman, and the update the inventory balance accordingly.  Pricing was also associated with each sample order so that the value of these samples at each location could be reported.


Business Benefits:

  1. Samples were a significant hit to the bottom line for this company and now they were able to immediately have a handle on where each sample was at any given time; in transit, at the corporate office, or with a specific salesman.
  2. The business teams were able to keep up with the tracking because it was very easy to find and update style sample movement.
  3. We created reports on top of this sample entity so they were able to use these in meetings or to help finance record accounting transactions.




Image Copyright: macrovector / 123RF Stock Photo