The Case for On-Premise Deployments


The Case for On-Premise Deployments



Intellimas is a low code app builder that can be deployed on-premise (on-prem) or in our cloud.  We provide these options because different clients have different requirements.  This article will make the case for clients opting for on-prem deployments with Intellimas and for that matter, other software as well, when certain variables are aligned.  Before we get into this topic, let’s define what we mean by each deployment alternative.  

On-Prem Deployment Definition

Medium and large sized clients typically have their own servers to manage local files or certain applications.  These servers could be in a server farm at one of their locations, but more likely than not, they are hosted by the cloud service provider of their choice.  We consider both of these situations as on-prem because they are not in our cloud environment.  So to us and other software vendors that provide it, on-prem means we are not managing the hardware or the installation of the software (but of course we can assist in both of these areas). A better term for this is probably “Customer Managed”, but since it is hard to break old habits, we will keep the original term for the purposes of this blog.

Cloud Deployment Definition

Almost all software vendors these days exclusively provide a cloud option.  This means that their application is installed and managed by them at their cloud hosting provider or their own servers.  We define cloud deployments the same way.  All clients under this model access the application via an internet connection and do not need to manage software or hardware.

Advantages of Cloud Deployments

There is no question the cloud provides lots of advantages for organizations, especially smaller ones.

The Case for On-Prem

Many companies will not even look at on-prem as an alternative.  They do not want their IT team to get involved with the hardware or software.  However, if a software vendor provides both options, it is important that clients apply their due diligence to both.  No doubt that the pendulum has swung all the way to the cloud at this point, but how many times do we need to see a pendulum come back the other way in various business climates when no one was expecting it.  All we need to see is one major internet disruption or large scale cloud hosting failure before companies start questioning their rubber stamped, “cloud-only” approach.  On-prem also provides many advantages that software evaluators tend to forget.

As mentioned, Intellimas is sold both ways and we will work with clients to determine which approach is best for them.  The last advantage mentioned above is key when it comes to Intellimas.  We allow on-prem clients to create every aspect of an app, including integration.  We even have new integration tools that can help with this.  We also help clients decide which hardware is required, but we do not need a lot of horsepower for Intellimas.  Then they are off and running, creating lots of apps and easily integrating with their other enterprise systems for a seamless process.  For cloud clients, we do all the heavy lifting because our configuration engine is extremely powerful and can cause issues if the configuration is not done correctly.  Admins still have the ability to add fields and calculationscreate views, change labels and formats, and administer users and reports.  

The bottom line is that we give our clients the flexibility to choose what is best for their organization, which gives them the power to create effective business transformation.  Our two longest running clients have been on Intellimas for more than 12 years (on-prem), which is a testament to the software capabilities and the collaboration we have with them to continuously improve the product.