Handling Complex Use Cases with Intellimas

Handling Complex Use Cases with Intellimas


Our Intellimas software is built to handle simple and complex use cases.  Either can have a great impact on organizations.  If you are replacing a spreadsheet process or a simple access database, Intellimas can easily handle this and make the process much more strategic.  But there are times when a business process is more complex, where perhaps:

Our Technical Tools

Over the years we have added many technical tools in Intellimas to be able to handle the above scenarios and more.  Before we had these tools, several of the requirements above were not possible in Intellimas.  For others we would have to create lots of integration code to handle them, and this equates to inflexibility.  Our most recent release includes several new tools which are game changers for our customers to be able to handle complex use cases.  They include:

Quick Case Studies

Here are some real world examples of how we have already used these new tools to help customers:

Quarterly ReportingA real estate development firm needed to send quarterly Intellimas reports out to their customers.  The timing and business logic was automated with a scheduled job.  This has eliminated a lot of manual work.

Improved Performance – An apparel company requires us to retrieve data from many different sources in order to create garment markers.  Some of the data relationships were very loose because of the way the different systems work.  When we tried to query all the data at the same time, we ultimately found that it would not perform.  We therefore set up an asynchronous process to pull data in 3 different streams with more efficient queries and have this sit in an integration table.  The entity now queries the integration table with much better performance in a near real time situation.

Replace Legacy Interfaces – a long running customer in the retail industry needed to make their interfaces more dynamic, with the ability to easily change them as the business changes.  We created a wrapper for their Supply Chain Management system in conjunction with asynchronous processes.  This makes the integration between Intellimas and this system a matter of configuration, allowing for much quicker changes than raw code.  We also used a combination of all of our new technical tools to replace customizations completed over the last 13 years which makes them much more configurable.

Contact us for more information and see if these tools can take on your toughest business problems.  

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