Work Order Management

March 9, 2018 6:31 pm

Client Description:

Large U.S. manufacturer of T-Shirts and other clothing

Business Problem:

This company is implementing a PLM system to house all of their product data and to manage the pre-production process.  In the pre-sales process, a gap was identified that was a lynchpin for their production process and was not covered by the PLM application.  Their work order process was handled by passing a spreadsheet from one department to another until all steps were completed, which meant that the order was ready for production.  This spreadsheet had version control issues, and the business team had a hard time getting a snapshot of the status of all work orders and who was working on them. Managing documents for such a key process was proving to be a major headache fraught with errors.

Singletree Solution:

The PLM company brought in Singletree to demo a proof of concept in Intellimas which proved very successful and thus, our application was included in the PLM implementation.  Just getting the orders into a database was a major step forward, but the spreadsheet look and feel gave the business team a secure feeling of moving over to this new application.  Our specialist worked with both the PLM specialist and the business team to configure a solution in Intellimas that had the following features:

  1. All fields necessary for the work order were added to a new entity, including reading in product and sizing information from the PLM system with no integration required.
  2. Product images were made visible from the PLM system and dropdowns from PLM data sources were added where available.
  3. Workflow was configured allowing the users to update and manage the work orders in a logical flow as well as enabling managers to identify exceptions or review an overall status with a click of a button.

Business Benefits:

  1. They now have a repeatable, standardized process.
  2. Accuracy of the data is also expected to improve.
  3. Management has visibility to the progress of work orders, which can help with prioritization and production line shifts.




Image Copyright: macrovector / 123RF Stock Photo