Intellimas Reviewed and Awarded by

March 15, 2018 3:29 pm

We at Singletree have always valued the opinion of our customers more than anyone else, and the feedback we have gotten to date about our Intellimas® application has been great. However, we also value the judgement of third parties whose job it is to thoroughly review software. This is exactly what took place recently when Intellimas was reviewed by, a popular review and software research platform. Their team of B2B and finance experts prepared a detailed and unbiased analysis of our solution’s main features, paying close attention to other elements that are important to customers; collaboration features, customization, integration with other tools, customer support, mobility and more. All these elements go into the calculation of the final score, and Intellimas was awarded an 8 out of 10. This means that Intellimas fulfills what is promised to our customers and provides them with a high degree of value.

Even more significant, we are pleased to advise that the team of experts at FinancesOnline have also distinguished Intellimas with 2 awards! These are the Great User Experience Award and the Rising Star Award.


Intellimas was built with usability in mind so we are proud of the User Experience award. Our grid based UI has provided many companies with streamlined processes and we are glad to be recognized for this. The Rising Star speaks for itself and shows the ongoing commitment we have to our software platform.

Part of the review were some unique scenarios of how Intellimas can solve disparate business problems. This will enable software buyers to evaluate real world examples of how Intellimas can help them. This, in addition to the other detailed review criteria will assist buyers when they are looking for strong collaboration, spreadsheet replacement, and app building software like Intellimas. We would like to express our sincere appreciation to FinancesOnline for recognizing our hard work and including us among on their list of top collaboration solutions selected by their experts.

About the Awards
The Great User Experience award Intellimas received honors software solutions that provide an especially pleasing user experience in facilitating one’s tasks through ease to use and intuitive functionalities. Similarly, the Rising Star award from FinancesOnline recognizes solutions that are positively seen by clients as a reliable platform for accomplishing their arduous work processes.